Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Post

This is from Tracey Silla from the Citybank Emory's Assist Fund.
Thank you so much for these kind words, and especially all your help!
I hope you all are recovering and breathing a little more these days.

The Emory's Assist 2009 account continues to grow, currently topping $2,600. What a wonderfully generous community we have! And judging from the recent post in the Mukilteo paper and on your blog, you have touched even more communities than many know! (I knew about your mayorship, but not the rest of it...)

We will look forward to watching Emory's rise again on Silver Lake, and we will continue to watch the Assist fund grow. At some point in the next couple of weeks I will arrange with the bank to issue individual checks in the names of each employee (I have confirmed with the bank that they will do this, and that for those employees who might not have a checking account, they will be able to go into any Citybank and cash the checks, no questions asked). Even the woman at the bank who set up the account told me "I keep an eye on the account every day and I'm so excited....!" Yeah, me too. It is a wonderful thing to see people pulling together for people they don't even know.

May this week be one of blessings to your family, and may we all be thankful that no one was injured in that devastating fire.

Happy Thanksgiving, Coles and to the entire Emory's family.

Tracey Silla
Emory's Assist 2009

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